Major Award for Hystorsys Hydrogen Storage Solutions based on Metal Hydrid

Hybrid Energy AS, with its daughter company Hystorsys AS, has been awarded the contract for the installation of the world´s largest Hydrogen storage facility based on Metal Hydride at Vestsiden Junior Highschool in Kongsberg.

According to Yngve Solvang CEO of Hybrid Energy: “This ground-breaking technology used on such a large scale will be the first of its kind. This is a major milestone in Hydrogen Storage in view of replacing oil and gas and will open a large market potential.”


We are pleased to announce that Kongsberg Kommune has ordered a Hydrogen Energy Container for its Junior Highschool. The excess energy produced by the solar panels during summer will be stored as hydrogen, to be consumed during winter. The process(fig.1) includes 3 steps: 1- an electrolyzer generating hydrogen, 2- storage of hydrogen, 3 – fuel cell to re-generate electricity.

Fig.1 System overview

Storage is the weakest link of the hydrogen value chain: hydrogen is very voluminous => 1kg needs 11m3 equivalent to 1 small truck. Therefore, it needs to be either compressed or cool down to very low temperature: both those processes are very energy consuming and complex.


Our hydrogen storage solution is unique: it is based on metal hydride which allow a much higher energy density than lithium batteries.

This storage solution is safe as the pressure will not exceed 30 bar (fig.2). This is the safest method in a school environment.

Fig.2 Hybrid Energy/Hystorsys storage

1 kg of Hydrogen, safely stored with metal hydride in a smaller volume(fig.2), compared to traditional compressed H2 storage solution (fig.3)

Fig.3 Traditional storage

This project will be delivered based on a project license provided by Hyon AS.