Modular Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage System

The system is based on a solid-state metal hydride technology and provides safe and compact hydrogen storage at low pressures.  It is suitable for stationary energy storage systems in a combination with on-site hydrogen production and fuel cells.

At pressure below 30 bar, this technology can store the same amount of hydrogen as high pressure compressed gas storage at 1000 bar (hydrogen density in metal hydride storage is >50 g/cm³).

It is a modular scalable system consisting of multiple cylindrical vessels connected to common gas line.

Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Module

Hydrogen capacity: 21 kg (700 kWh)


Footprint 0.7 m x 1.7 m

Height 0.9 m

Weight 2.3 t

Operating conditions:

Temperatures: 5-40 °C

Charge pressure: 10-30 barg

Discharge pressure: 1-10 barg