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HYMEHC - hydrogen compressor

Standard hydrogen compressors from Hystorsys range from 1 Nm3/h up to 12 Nm3/h. The standard compressor is based on an expandable design. Thus, if a higher capacity is required, more compression chambers can be added.

These HYMEHCs are thermal machines based on solid state metal hydride (MH) technology resulting in:

No moving parts
Less wear and tear
With the potential of low maintenance cost
Silent / vibration-free operation
Especially conventient in residential applications
Small footprint / flexible installation
Even wall mounting is possible (see picture to the right)
Especially conventient in residential applications
High intrinsic safety
Very low risk for mixing of oxygen and hydrogen
Reduced operating costs
The HYMEHC may take waste heat as its source of
energy and as such could be operated with almost
no energy costs

Metal hydrides have the unique feature of adsorbing hydrogen when they are cooled and releasing hydrogen when they are heated. Moreover, the gas quality might actually improve during this process.

The HYMEHC is a thermal hydrogen compression technology taking a temperature difference as its input. Typical temperature inputs are 15-25 °C (cooling) and 85-95 °C (heating).

Learn more about the HYMEHC in our product sheet

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