Thermal hydrogen compressors by Hystorsys

About the company
Hystorsys AS is a spin-off company from the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) at Kjeller, Norway. Our main focuse is on the use of metal hydrides for compression and storage of hydrogen.

Hystorsys benefits from more than 40 years experience from IFE concerning the properties, synthesis and behaviour of hydrogen in solid materials - the metal hydrides (MH).

Thermal hydrogen compressors
Hystorsys is a provider of high purity compressors for hydrogen with no moving parts and practically no noise and vibrations. Using waste heat, amongst others commonly available from a range of industrial processes, the compressor may be operated at almost no energy cost. The metal hydride compressors have a very low maintenance level, and hence also low maintenance cost.

Residential applications
Due to the absence of noise and vibrations, the hydrogen compressors from Hystorsys is ideal for residential applications.

Articles about residential usage of the HYMEHC can be downloaded both in German and English.

Our target is that the compressors from Hystorsys shall be less costly to build, less costly to operate and less costly to maintain than other compressor designs

Examples of typical

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